Amazigh New Year: kick off of the official celebrations in the province of Ghardaïa.

The kick off of the official celebrations of the Amazigh New Year (January 2973), which coincides with January 2023 in the Gregorian calendar, was given today, Wednesday, in the province of Ghardaïa by the Secretary-General of the Higher Council of Amazigh, Si El Hachemi Assad, in the presence of several political figures and local authorities of the province of Ghardaïa.

On the occasion, Mr. Assad stressed that “the official celebrations of January 2973 symbolize the adherence and harmony of the Algerian people with their identity and origins under the slogan “January brings us together in one and unified Algeria.”

He pointed out that Algeria, strong in its unity and proud of its diversity, celebrates January this year while sticking to its roots and origins with the aim of preserving, strengthening and consolidating national cohesion, by making this celebration an occasion for brotherhood and coexistence.

For his part, the governor of Ghardaïa, affirmed that the Amazigh New Year (Yanayer) “is a heritage for all Algerians, and a holiday that strengthens the unity of the people and the unity of our country.”

He went on to say “The revival of Yanayer throughout the national territory constitutes a wealth for our Algerian identity with its multiple components of Islam, Arabic and Amazigh languages.”

The atmosphere of the kick off of the official celebrations of January 2973 was marked by the holding of rich activities and various paintings made by artistic and folkloric groups, the Algerian Islamic scouts, and the musical groups of the Republican Guard and the Civil Protection.

The program of these celebrations for this great national event, which will culminate Thursday with the award of the President of the Republic for Literature and the Amazigh Language in its third edition, includes a package of activities prepared with the participation of local artists as well as the National Chamber of Handicrafts.

A mini-exhibition of books of Amazigh expression and a forum on “Amazigh expression in manuscripts”, as well as a series of workshops and round tables followed by discussions will also be organized as part of the celebrations.

This program, prepared by the Higher Council of Amazigh, aims to promote and value the national cultural heritage, contribute to the development and encouragement of Amazigh cultural artistic creativity, and also provide an opportunity for young people to highlight their talents, while directing their contribution to the service of cultural development efforts.

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