Ambassador of Algeria to France: opening AFP wire to a separatist movement takes a form of “legitimization” and “sympathy”

The Algerian ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, said today, Saturday, in an explanation addressed to the French News Agency, which APS received a copy of, that the opening of the wire “to a separatist movement planning to carry out criminal acts and terrorist attacks” against the peaceful popular marches takes a form of “ Sympathy ”and“ legitimization ”.

“AFP has accustomed its readers and users to more professionalism and ethics in its media coverage despite a critical negative editorial stance towards my country. It is clear today that the fact of opening one’s thread to those responsible for this movement takes on a form of legitimization or even sympathy towards those responsible for this separatist movement which plans, according to verified information from the Ministry of National Defense, criminal actions and terrorist attacks against peaceful popular marches, “he said, in response to an AFP thread issued on April 26.

The ambassador added that “the serious confessions given by the ex-member of the subversive movement MAK, the named H. Nouredine, to the security services, revealed the existence of a perfidious criminal plan aimed at carrying out these attacks to then exploit the images in their subversive campaigns and implore foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the country “.

Antar Daoud concluded in his explanation, “It should be recalled that Algeria, strong in its path and its experiences, has always been able to demonstrate its ability to protect its national unity through its institutions supported by its people, since together they formed a solid bulwark against repeated threats and destabilization attempts.”

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