Ammar Belhimer: Algeria’s ability to demine borders situation “is not just a media campaign”

Minister of Communication, Government spokesman Ammar Belhimer said on Sunday that Algeria’s ability to counter defamatory campaigns and demine the situation on its borders “is not just a media campaign.”

In an interview with the electronic website “Echorouk El Yawmi”, the minister said “When the President of the Republic refers to ” information and proven facts about defamatory campaigns whose source and origin we know “, it means that ” we are aware of everything that is being done against us and have all the necessary means to diminish the situation on our borders, and this not just a media campaign”.

By stressing that Algeria is a pivotal country, the President of the Republic has sent “a message to all those who use abject methods that aims to push Algeria to renounce to its constant positions”, he considered.

The state institutions, led by the National People’s Army (ANP) “are working on all levels, with highly developed mechanisms to confront all attacks, whatever their type or source, to preserve the country’s stability and the people’s cohesion, in the face of the resurgence of hostilities based on geopolitical interests and the alliance of a country in the region with dangerous organizations, particularly terrorist organizations that are a danger to the whole world and not only to Algeria, “he added.

Regarding the “counter-revolution” mentioned by the President of the Republic that “lead enemies of the interior, remnants of the Isaba (gang)”, the Government Spokesman said that this term refers to those who “reject the will of people among the parties of narrow interests, that are already ejected by the blessed popular Hirak that revealed their plans”, recalling that despite their rejection for two years, their relays are active in the shadows attacking any attempt to change for the better.

Arguing that the initiators of these plans have collided with the will of the people, Belhimer said that these parties have tried in vain to return to the attack by trying to exploit the health crisis.

The attempts led by these same parties to “confuse” the reform projects launched by the President of the Republic have also failed thanks to “the vigilance and integrity of Algerian media, main partners of the State, which have an important place in the Institutions. The media has not given these parties a chance to act as they did in the era of Issaba (gang),” he said.

Algerian media show, today, more “professionalism and enjoy their freedom and greater responsibility,” said the Minister of Communication, recalling that the Hirak greatly helped them in bringing them to practice this profession in accordance with the ethics and legislation.

More concerned with preserving the achievements of citizens, the media are no longer in need of recommendations to protect the country and face the various threats, especially since they have managed to unveil many plans hostile to Algeria, added Belhimer.


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