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An item was included in the draft resolutions to form a committee in implementation of the “Declaration of Algiers” for Palestinian reconciliation

Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad Al-Malki, announced today, Sunday in Algiers, the inclusion of an item in the draft resolutions of Arab foreign ministers to form an Arab committee to develop executive mechanisms to implement the “Declaration of Algiers” for Palestinian reconciliation.

The Palestinian minister said, in a press conference held at the International Conference Center (Abdelatif Rahal) following the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in preparation for the 31st session of the Arab League Council at the summit level slated for November 1 and 2, that the Arab foreign ministers “included an item in the draft resolutions providing for the formation of an Arab ministerial committee to complete Algeria’s efforts to develop executive mechanisms to implement the recently signed Declaration of Algiers to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

In this regard, he stressed that what was achieved in Algeria is an “important step that must be built upon,” expressing his conviction that the “Declaration of Algiers” constitutes “a new page that gives the Palestinian people a glimmer of hope to end the division, which requires – as he said – the cooperation of all factions with an open heart and good faith for the implementation of this agreement in order to end the division.”

Meanwhile, Al-Maliki called on everyone who signed the “Declaration of Algiers” “to implement it on the ground and cooperate with the Arab committee that will be formed and the development of mechanisms for its implementation.

The Palestinian official did not miss the opportunity to praise Algeria’s steadfast position and unconditional support for the Palestinian cause as a “historic partner,” noting that the Palestinians’ expectations “confirmed that the Arab summit in Algeria is the summit of Palestine by excellence.”

Addressing the meeting of Arab foreign ministers dealing with the file of the Palestinian cause, Al-Maliki stressed that this file “was unanimous and there were no differences or problems around it.”

The minister renewed the Palestinians’ thanks and gratitude to Algeria, the leadership and people, for its continuous support at all levels, including the honoring of its financial obligations towards the Palestinian people, expressing his hope that other countries would follow Algeria’s example.

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