ANADE: 190 additional files for reimbursement of debts of companies in difficulty

The National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship (ANADE) accepted 190 additional files for the reimbursement of debts of companies in difficulty during the 5th working session of the guarantee commission for 2022, said Saturday a press release from the ministry in charge of micro-business.

“In application of the new strategy set up for the relaunch of the ANADE system and the support of micro-enterprises in difficulty through the repayment of their debts or the relaunching of their activities, the 5th working session (of 2022) was held at the headquarters of ANADE by the guarantee commission, made up of representatives of the Mutual Guarantee Fund for Risks/Credits for Young Promoters and ANADE, responsible for examining these files”, the same source said.

During this session, 531 files presented by the representatives of the banks of Algiers Province were examined, resulting in the acceptance of 190 files for the reimbursement of over 380 million dinars.

The session was marked by the postponement, for re-examination, of the treatment of 329 files relating to micro-enterprises in activity which will be accompanied by ANADE through the rescheduling of their debts in favour of workload plans for relaunching their activities within the framework of conventions signed with different sectors, according to the press release.

The same source also reported the settlement of 10 files through the payment of their debts to the banks and the rejection of two (2) files that did not meet the required conditions.

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