“ANADE” announces the acceptance of 254 additional files to compensate the debts of struggling enterprises

The National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship “ANADE” (formerly ANSEJ) has accepted 254 additional files for the compensation of the debts of struggling enterprises, according to a statement issued today Thursday, by the Ministry Delegate in charge of micro-enterprises, which confirmed that the process will continue until all applications are studied.

The statement indicated that “in implementation of the axes of the new strategy which aims to give a new impetus to the National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship, and to take in charge struggling micro enterprises by compensating their debts or relaunching their activities according to each case, a fourth working session of the insurance committee, was held today Thursday, bringing together representatives of the joint guarantee fund that guarantees the risks of loans granted to young project holders and the National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship, which is in charge of studying these files.

During this meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship, 500 files submitted by bank representatives were studied, 254 of which were accepted for compensations, exceeding 380 million DZD, while 228 files were postponed, since the enterprises were still operating, to re-study them and provide them with the necessary support from the agency by rescheduling their debts and granting them a workload plan to revive their activities as per the signed agreements.

Moreover, the status of seven files of small enterprises’ owners was definitively settled by paying off their debts to banks and to the agency, according to the same source which indicated that 11 files were returned to the banks for not fulfilling the compensation conditions.

Consequently, the total number of struggling micro-enterprises whose files were studied during the sessions has reached 2,015 files, according to the statement, which confirmed that more sessions will be scheduled every Thursday during which no less than 500 files will be studied in each session.

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