Annaba: 1897 kg of meat not fit for consumption was seized during the first week of Ramadan

The commercial practices control teams in Annaba seized a total of 1,897 kilograms of meat not fit for consumption, including 1,392 kilograms of white meat, during the inspection operations conducted by the same teams during the first week of Ramadan, according to the Directorate of Trade and Export Promotion.

In a statement, the official of the Commercial Practices Control Department in the same directorate, Mr. Mohamed Salah Madi, explained that this quantity of meat, whose financial value was estimated at 2 million DA, was confiscated at the level of butchers in the markets of the municipalities of Annaba and El-Bouni, adding that the amount of meat that was seized was not fit for consumption and poses a threat to the health of consumers.

Monitoring the activity of selling all kinds of meat is carried out in coordination with the veterinary inspectorate in the province, which in turn recruited a total of 41 teams to monitor the meat distribution chain and present it to the consumer, as indicated.

On the other hand, the neighborhood markets and commercial spaces record an abundance of vegetables, fruits and various foodstuffs, especially those related to dairy products, which are in high demand during the month of Ramadan, while trade services intensify their work in coordination with the units producing materials that are in great demand such as table oil, fortified milk and semolina to provide Programmed quantities in the market.

In this context, semolina production units in Annaba provide daily rations of semolina that are distributed directly from the producer to the consumer through the municipalities of the province, according to the official of the Commercial Practices Control Department at the Directorate of Trade and Export Promotion in Annaba, who spoke in the same context about the distribution of more than 90,000 liters of milk Subsidized daily at the level of Annaba province.

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