Appointment of new director at Higher School of Social Security

Sihem Bouabach was appointed today, Monday, as new director of the Higher School of Social Security, according to a statement by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

The same source indicated that the Secretary-General of the Ministry proceeded with the inauguration ceremony on behalf of the Minister of Labor and Employment and Social Security Abderrahmane Lahfaya, in the presence of officials from the ministry.

On this occasion, the Secretary-General of the Ministry stressed, in a speech delivered on behalf of the Minister, that “this change aims to give the school a new impetus and dynamism to its activities, based on the criterion of efficiency and merit, which provides an opportunity to stimulate human capabilities and value its expertise.”

The Secretary-General highlighted the “great importance of the Higher School of Social Security as a scientific and knowledge institution that provides the sector with competencies and executives that improve management patterns and the quality of performance,” stressing “the need to continue efforts aimed at bringing the school to the level of excellence and contributing to the endeavor of qualitative reform of the social security system and improving the quality of the public service provided to the citizen.

The statement indicated that the new director of the school “a graduate of the Higher School of Commerce, occupied several positions, including head of a department in charge of preparatory departments at the level of the Higher School of Management and Digital Economy, head of a research team on institution and digitization, charged with teaching several standards at the level of several institutions of higher education, including the Higher School of Commerce and the National School of Administration.

The same source added that the new director of the school “has intense scientific activity and participated in several national and international scientific forums, and published several articles at the international level.”

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