Arab Parliament says to be confident in Algeria’s ability to make the Arab Summit a success

Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asoomi, expressed his great confidence in Algeria’s ability to make the activities of the Arab Summit, which it will host at the beginning of next November, a success, in order to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Arab peoples.

Al-Asoomi said that the Arab Parliament “has great confidence in Algeria’s ability to make the summit activities a success in a way that achieves the hopes and aspirations of the Arab peoples,” highlighting its support for all Arab and international efforts aimed at achieving security and stability in the region.

He explained that this summit is of “exceptional” importance, as its convening comes at a crucial moment in which the regional and international challenges facing the Arab countries are increasing, which require more than ever before, “an increase in the pace of Arab cooperation and solidarity and push the process of joint Arab action to confront these challenges and achieve the hopes and ambitions of the Arab people in security, development and stability.”

The same speaker indicated that the importance of this summit is increasing because it comes about three years after the Tunis Summit-2019, which imposes “challenges and places additional burdens on the agenda of the Arab summit hosted by Algeria.”

In this context, he highlighted the challenges faced by most countries of the world as a result of the repercussions of the Coronavirus epidemic, as well as the conflict in Ukraine, saying: “All these developments have negative repercussions on our Arab societies and need to coordinate joint Arab efforts in dealing with them.”

He also stressed the exceptional international and regional circumstances in which the Arab summit convened, such as the crisis in Libya and Yemen and the increasing attacks of the occupation army in Palestine, which imposes itself strongly on the agenda of the Algerian apointment, expressing his confidence that “the Arab leaders have the ability and political will to deal effectively with these crises in a way that preserves the unity of Arab countries and preserves their capabilities in the face of foreign ambitions.”

From this standpoint, the Arab Parliament aspires for the Algiers Summit to “represent a qualitative leap for joint Arab action towards all issues of the region, foremost of which is the Arabs’ first cause, the Palestinian cause and ways to support the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people in

Confronting the escalatory practices and violations carried out by the occupation forces.”

Speaking about the signing of the “Algeria Declaration” by the Palestinian factions to achieve national reconciliation, Mr. Al-Asoomi described the step as a “great achievement,” saying: “We welcome the signing of the “Algeria Declaration” by the Palestinian factions, and we stress the importance of this step to restore national unity and rearrange the Palestinian house from Inside”. He also urged all Palestinian factions to move forward in implementing the items that were agreed upon in this regard.

On the other hand, Al-Asoomi says, the Arab peoples “are waiting for the Arab leaders at this summit to take new steps to enhance joint Arab action in order to confront the development and economic challenges that the Arab region is witnessing, which are no less important than the security and political challenges, in order to better secure a future for current and future generations.

In the context, he stressed, “The Arab Parliament relies a lot on the results of the Arab summit and looks forward to it being an important station in the history of joint Arab action,” adding: “The existing Arab situation requires making all efforts to achieve reunification and bridge the rift, to meet the aspirations of the Arab peoples in achieving solidarity and development. and prosperity.”

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