Arab Summit: the conclusion of the preparatory meeting of Economic and Social Council at the ministerial level

Economic and Social Council meeting at the ministerial level, preparatory to the 31st Arab Summit, concluded this Friday afternoon at the International Conference Center “Abdullatif Rahal” in Algiers.

During this meeting, 24 items related to the promotion of joint Arab action in the economic and social fields were discussed, as stated by the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig, in a press conference after the meeting.

In addition to food security, these items focused on several major social and economic files, including sustainable agricultural development, the Greater Arab Free Trade Zone, the Arab vision for the digital economy and the peaceful uses of atomic energy, and Arab space cooperation, according to the minister.

The issue of investments in Arab countries and the possibilities of sustainable cooperation in this field were also discussed, as well as the problem of the informal economy in the Arab countries, electronic payment to enhance financial inclusion, the rational use of mechanization, the development of land management technology, and the rehabilitation of degraded pastures in the Arab countries.

During the meeting, several solidarity decisions were taken for the benefit of several countries, including Somalia, Yemen and Palestine, which are in dire need of assistance, according to the minister.

Mr. Rezig stated that the draft resolutions that were agreed upon at the meeting of the Arab Economic and Social Council at the level of ministers, will be submitted to the work of the Arab summit expected on the first and second of November.

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