Archeology and restoration experts team of to inspect the archaeological discovery in Jijel

Minister of Culture and Arts, Malika Bendouda, has ordered to send a team from the National Center for Research in Archeology and experts from the National School for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property to inspect the mosaic that was recently found in the city of Jijel during the excavation works for the construction of a new building, according to a ministry press release.

The minister demanded to stop the works in the center of the city of Jijel, after finding a mosaic.

In the same press release, the Ministry of Culture and Arts denied any description or experience regarding this discovery or its services abandoning the discovery or neglecting it, explaining that the historical era of this mosaic, its features and importance will be revealed once the concerned teams are done with the inspection.

On Tuesday, a citizen in Jijel found an ornate mosaic during an excavation work for a new building, according to the knowledge of the province department of Culture and Arts.

Local authorities dispatched a specialized team from the Directorate’s Heritage Department to inspect the mosaics. In a first stage, the excavation work was stopped until the completion of the various legal procedures in force.

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