Army General Chanegriha supervises the opening of a symposium on media and the preservation of national memory

Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, General Saïd Chanegriha presided over, today, Wednesday, at the Army National Club in Beni Messous, Algiers, the inauguration of the proceedings of a historic symposium entitled “Media and the Preservation of National Memory… Commitment and Responsibility to Strengthen National Defense”, organized by the Directorate of Information and Communication of Staff of the People’s National Army, according to a statement of the Ministry of National Defense.

The statement indicated that General Chanegriha supervised the opening of the proceedings of this symposium in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, the commanders of the forces and the National Gendarmerie, the Commander of the First Military Region, heads of departments, directors and heads of central departments in the Ministry of National Defense and the Staff of the People’s National Army, in addition to a number of national personalities and officials of national media bodies and institutions.

On the occasion, the Army General delivered a speech in which he welcomed the participants, stressing that “the organization of this historic symposium coincided with the celebrations commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the recovery of our national independence, the sixty-eighth anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious liberation revolution, and the hosting of the thirty-first summit of the League of Arab States, which reflects the extent of the new Algeria’s attachment to its glorious history.

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