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Army General Said Chanegriha paid a visit to the Military Academy of Cherchell

Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, General Said Chanegriha, paid a visit today, Monday, July 11, 2022, to the Military Academy of Cherchell “late President Houari Boumediene”, on the eve of the annual graduation ceremony for promotions in this ancient training castle, which the academy will host tomorrow, Tuesday.

At the entrance to the academy and after the reception ceremony, the first chief of staff of the People’s National Army stood in tribute for the soul of late President “Houari Boumediene”, whose name is born by the academy and laid a wreath at the memorial monument immortalized his name and recited the Fatiha of the holy Koran on his pure soul. After that, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, chaired an orientation meeting with the executives, professors and students of the Academy, during which he stated that the responsibility put on the shoulders of the National People’s Army, especially in the midst of the current international and regional situations, requires more acumen, foresight, and awareness of the serious challenges posed:

The Army-General stressed on the same occasion that the sensitization aspect in the training institutions must be given a large place within their educational curricula, especially by inculcating the highest qualities and noble morals in the hearts of students and stalkers:

At the end, the floor was given for the interventions of the Academy’s students, who once again expressed their great pride and honor in belonging to the institution of the People’s National Army and their constant readiness, in all circumstances, to sacrifice for the sake of the nation’s pride, security, stability and sovereignty.

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