Army magazine editorial: The battle of awareness… the most dangerous ever

The challenges facing the Algerian nation require the consolidation of the internal front through the preservation of national unity, the tightening of ranks and the cohesion of the people as well as “total confidence” in the institutions of the State, notes the magazine El Djeïch in its latest issue.

Recalling the ordeals that the country has gone through and during which the Algerian people have suffered the most heinous crimes throughout the French colonial occupation, the atrocities of barbaric terrorism, a scourge that it has fought with “patience and determination” , El Djeïch affirms that the Algerian people “have inscribed their name in letters of gold in the register of history, thanks to their sense of sacrifice and the abnegation which characterize them”.

“Today, and as it has accustomed us to, Algeria will again and again triumph over traitors and plotters of all persuasions”, is it written in the Editorial of the monthly El Djeïch, under the title “The battle of conscience: absolutely the most difficult fight”, adding that “our country will succeed in going through this sensitive phase to continue the process of development and thus concretize the aspirations of the Algerian people in their new Algeria whose milestones have been laid by the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence”.

For El Djeïch, “the various challenges which Algeria is currently facing, and which it will have to take up in the future, have brought the High Command of the People’s National Army (ANP), on the basis of the perspicacious orientations of Mr. the President of the Republic, Supreme Head of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, to carry out a vast program of modernization and renewal of the capabilities of the ANP battle corps and its implementation on the ground, with a view to ‘achieve a high level of competence at all levels and therefore operational readiness’.

“There is no doubt that this ambitious move will achieve the desired results, which have been carefully planned as part of the combat readiness programs, so that our country remains an impregnable fortress against enemies and traitors who attempt vainly, as usual, to undermine its stability and security through the use of crooked and dubious processes and vile stratagems, with the aim of creating chaos and sowing discord within society”, notes the same source.

“The real battle that our young people must win today is essentially a battle of conscience, said Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha on numerous occasions”, recalls the Editorial.

“A battle in which new and unconventional weapons are used, which have made virtual space their theater of operation, in an attempt to manipulate opinions, especially young people, and throw them into the throes of unrest and chaos through vile maneuvers ignoring the situation and deliberately ignoring the achievements made so far”, concludes El Djeïch.

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