Assihar Tamanrasset: An international economic event to promote trade exchanges

The Assihar event, which will be launched in its 36th edition tomorrow, Friday, in the province of Tamanrasset, is an international event of great importance in the local and national economic life because of the opportunities it holds to promote trade exchanges and strengthen economic cooperation, especially with neighboring countries.

The residents of Al-Ahaggar have high hopes for the Assihar event, as they look forward to promoting cooperation and trade exchanges with neighboring countries. This international trade event opens up great prospects for revitalizing trade exchanges through the renewal of trade cooperation agreements between Algerian economic operators and their counterparts from African countries.

In this regard, the head of the People’s Assembly of the municipality of Tamanrasset, Idabir Mokhtar, affirmed that the Assihar demonstration “is of great importance among the residents of the region, and it has constituted, since ancient times, a date during which goods are exchanged and relations of friendship and cooperation with the countries of the African Sahel are renewed.”

These commercial events are usually held in an area designated for them in the capital of Ahaggar, which has been prepared and equipped with various pavilions that will be placed at the disposal of the national exhibitors, as well as the participants from neighboring countries such as Mali, Niger and Chad, according to Mr. Idabir.

The residents of Ahaggar await this economic event with great eagerness every year, as it is an opportunity to acquire the various goods they need from the countries of the African coast, such as spices, tea, cloth, and tropical fruits such as “mango” and “pineapple” and others.

The Assihar-Tamanrasset demonstration coincides with the launch of other events, such as the third national forum for youth innovations, from December 22 to 25, where 70 young people from several provinces are expected to participate.

Within this youth event, exhibitions were programmed at the Houari Boumediene Youth House in downtown Tamanrasset to display the various innovations and inventions of the participants. Scientific competitions and lectures and seminars will also be organized on promoting the spirit of innovation among young people, according to the same source.

It is also expected to open the specialized national salon to support the activities of the traditional desert industry under the slogan “From our heritage we derive our strength” in its 21st edition, which in turn is an opportunity to highlight the various forms of traditional industries that the regions of the south are famous for, including traditional ornaments, embroideries on leather, pottery, sanding art, and others.

It is expected that 80 artisans from fifty provinces will participate in 15 craft activities in this salon, which is an occasion to highlight the development of the traditional industry sector and also to value the efforts of craftsmen to achieve a traditional industry of quality that is exported abroad.

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