Attempts to smuggle 16 quintals of cannabis into Algeria through Morocco border foiled

In the dynamics of the continuous efforts in the fight against terrorism and multiform organized crime, units and detachments of the People’s National Army have carried out, during the period from March 8 to 14, 2023, several operations leading to quality results that reflect the high professionalism, vigilance and permanent readiness of our Armed Forces across the national territory:

In the framework of the fight against terrorism and thanks to the qualitative efforts of the Ministry of National Defence’s security services, the terrorist known as “MELLOUKI HAIBALLAH”, surrendered yesterday, Tuesday March 14, 2023, to the military authorities in Bordj Badji Mokhtar in the 6th Military Region. The said terrorist, who had joined the terrorist groups operating in the Sahel region in 2012, had in his possession one (01) Kalashnikov machine gun, a quantity of ammunition and other items.

In the same context, combined ANP detachments arrested (04) elements supporting terrorist groups in separate operations across the national territory.

In the framework of the fight against organized crime and in continuity of the sustained efforts aimed at thwarting the scourge of drug trafficking in our country, combined detachments of the ANP arrested, in coordination with the various security services during operations carried out throughout the Military Regions, (65) drug traffickers and thwarted attempts to introduce quantities of drugs from the borders with Morocco, amounting to (16) quintals and (48) kilograms of cannabis, and seized (8.55) kilograms of cocaine and (36596) psychotropic tablets.

In Tamanrasset, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, In Guezzam and Djanet, detachments of the National Popular Army intercepted (124) individuals and seized (21) vehicles, (103) generators, (52) pick hammers, as well as quantities of explosives, detonation tools and equipment used in illegal gold panning operations, (24) other individuals were arrested, and (12) hunting rifles, (39) quintals of tobacco, (30711) units of various types of drinks and quantities of foodstuffs intended for smuggling and speculation amounting to (76) tonnes were seized in distinct operations throughout the national territory. In the same way, the border guards foiled, in coordination with the services of the National Gendarmerie, attempts to smuggle large quantities of fuel amounting to (25063) litres in Souk Ahras, El-Tarf, Tébessa, Adrar and Bordj Badji Mokhtar.

On the other hand, the coastguards have foiled, on our national coasts, attempts to illegally emigrate and have rescued (68) persons on board boats, while (523) illegal immigrants of different nationalities have been arrested throughout the national territory.


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