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Baadji on “TV interview”: We prevented sons of party leadership from running for legislative elections

Secretary-General of the National Liberation Front, Abou El-Fadl Baadji, denied that there were any efforts to establish “legacy” within the “FLN” through their participation in the legislation of June 12, adding that the party had put in place laws that prevent the children of conservatives and members of the nomination committee from being on the election lists, during his participation on the TV program the “TV Interview”, yesterday evening.

In this regard, Baadji explained, that “There are 5 executives in the party who nominated their children, and this is not a violation of the laws, as they are previous executives, while we prevented all the current executives from nominating their children,” noting that the National Liberation Front was in charge for the first time in 20 years of preparing candidate lists “quietly and smoothly taking into account the criteria of efficiency, struggle and popularity.”

As for the role and position of the owners of corrupt money in future legislation, Abou El-Fadl Baadji added that the lists of the National Liberation Front “do not contain any corrupt businessmen and everything that is said about it is nonsense”  affirming that he prohibited a corrupt businessman from being on the “FLN” lists.

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