BAC and BEM: electronic websites for private candidates to reopen on Wednesday

The Ministry of Education announced on Tuesday the reopening, from 1 to 15 February, of electronic sites devoted to private candidates Baccalaureate (Bac) and Middle School Certificate exams (BEM) to enable them to verify the correctness of their personal information.

The Ministry of National Education informs, in a press release, all private candidates for the Baccalaureate and Middle School Certificate exams of “the reopening of the websites and, from Wednesday 1 February until Wednesday 15 February 2023, to enable them to check the accuracy of their personal information, in particular their surnames, first names, date and place of birth”.

“In the event of errors, candidates are required to inform the Directorate of Education in writing of the necessary corrections,” the ministry said.

Candidates belonging to the National Office for Remote Education and Training (ONEFD) are, for their part, “required to inform the regional centre of ONEFD before Wednesday 22 February 2023”, according to the press release, which also warns that “candidates will be held fully responsible for any errors not reported within the time limit”.

“The physical education and sports test for private candidates will take place during the period from Sunday 7 May to Thursday 18 May 2023,” the ministry said, calling on private candidates, including those under the ONFED, to “withdraw their invitations for the physical education and sports test via the websites of the National Office of Examinations and Competitions mentioned above, starting on Monday 17 April 2023.

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