Batna: An expected decrease in cereals production during the current agricultural season

The province of Batna is expecting a decrease in the cereal production during the current 2020-2021 agricultural season, according to Batna Director of Agriculture.

The head of the production and technical support organization in the same directorate, Muhammad Nazir Charif, confirmed in this context that “Expectations indicate that a crop of various types of cereals will reach 917 thousand and 45 quintals in the province of Batna this year, with an average of 12 quintals per hectare, compared to production that reached one million and 400 thousand during the last agricultural season 2019-2020.”

Rainfall’s fluctuation in the province during this year has led to the shrink of cultivated areas in this branch to 136 thousand and 202 hectares of the total area allocated to it at the beginning of the cultivation and sowing campaign for the current agricultural season, estimated at 147 thousand and 837 hectares.

The official added that “the harvestable area is currently estimated at 75 thousand and 499 hectares, while the area affected by drought will reach about 28 thousand hectares, while the remaining area will be converted to forage.”

“In the beginning of the season, the Cooperative of Dry Pulses and Grains of Batna province provided sufficient quantities of seeds and fertilizers to farmers on August 2, 2020 at the only window for the Companion Loan, from which 99 local grain producers benefited from it, with a total financial value estimated at 50 million dinars.” added the same source.

The cooperative has provided all the necessary capabilities for the success of the agriculture season, which will start on May in the southern regions of the province, including 268 harvesting machines and 3055 tractors in addition to 12 storage points across several municipalities with a total capacity of 894 thousand kantars.

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