Batna: Workshop to restore a mosaic in National Archaeological Research Centre

Batna province Director of Culture and Arts, Omar Kabour is expecting the creation of a workshop for the restoration of mosaics within the annex of the National Center for Research in Archeology, located in Tazault.

According to the same source, the workshop will initially be focusing in the creation of a scientific team specialized in mosaic restoration and urgent treatment of those discovered in some sites, such as Lambese and Timgad, then it will subsequently contribute to the manufacture of mosaics in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Arts related to the economic valuation of cultural heritage.

According to Kabour, the creation of the workshop, which will be the second of its kind in Algeria, after the one created in Tipaza, is of great importance for the rich province, which is rich in mosaics, especially the ancient cities of Tazault and Timgad, which are known to contain a significant stock of them, especially after the discovery of rare mosaic pieces years ago in the region.

The Director adds that this workshop comes, in the wake of the excavation works that a team of archeology researchers undertook at the site of Lambese in 2006, where they discovered unique mosaics pieces, “Frixus” and “Healy”, and then the “tiger” mosaic, which is also a rare piece, adding that the work is still going on this site.

The province of Batna has mosaic treasures, besides Lambese Museum, which includes an important collection of them, the ancient city of Timgad has a museum for this art that includes rare pieces among the 200 paintings in it, spanning a total area of 1,121 square meters.

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