Belaribi oversees the launch of digitization of the new city, Sidi Abdallah

Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, supervised the launch of digitization of the new city, Sidi Abdallah (Algiers) by the National Agency for Reconstruction, and gave instruction on the necessity to accelerate the generalization of the process to the two new cities of Bouinan (Blida) and Ali Mendjeli (Constantine) .

According to a statement by the Ministry, published through its official account “Facebook,” Mr. Belaribi supervised a meeting in which the full digitization of District No. 32, Area A4, in the New City, was presented to Sidi Abdallah by the National Agency for Reconstruction.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, the President of the Office, the Director General of the National Agency for Reconstruction, Kamel Touati, the Director of Projects at the same agency, Ryma Oufroukh, the Director of Digitization for Geographic Information Systems, Amira Kribes, the Sub-Director of Networks, Elias Sahnoun, and the  Director of the new city of Sidi Abdallah.

After the opening of the meeting by Mr. Belaribi, Mr. Touati gave a speech in which he explained the importance of this application developed by the agency and its operation according to the instructions provided by the Minister during the meeting that brought them together previously, the statement says.

After that, Ms. Oufroukh made a technical presentation on how to use this information system, which operates with the “ARC GIS” program, which allows a scientific study with a 3D scanner of the District 32- area A4 in Sidi Abdallah, according to the same source, indicating that this “very modern” technology allowed copying the district in order to give all the information related to it in a timely and accurate manner, where it can be used during various works and even in exceptional circumstances.

This modern information system also provides different information about the neighborhood such as the number of residents, the names of the owners, the nature of the housing program, the connection networks with gas, electricity and water, elevators and emergency exits, as well as all the plans (technical, administrative, civil, engineering), whether at the level of housing or Public installations or water tanks.

These data allow to facilitate and accelerate the work that occurs in the district and to know the location of faults and repair them quickly, and also allow providing local authorities with the necessary information that requires rapid intervention in the event of the completion of works, restoration, repair, change or even in the event of a fire, according to the statement, indicating that this “falls under the policy of digitizing the new city of Sidi Abdallah.”

In this regard, the Minister of Housing gave instruction on “the necessity to urgently implement this system at the level of the two new cities, Bouinan and Ali Mendjeli,” the statement says, indicating that the progress of the digitization process is supervised by the National Agency for Reconstruction as it ensures the implementation of the application by qualified Algerian engineers.

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