Belaribi: The housing sector will give great importance to urbanization in 2022

The Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, affirmed today, Saturday, in Algiers, that his sector will give “great importance” during the coming year to the urban aspect of housing and cities.

In a speech delivered during the awarding ceremony of the National Prize for Architecture and Urbanism, Mr. Belaribi said that this interest will be implemented, especially by “reactivating, studying and amending the reconstruction bill in Parliament.”

After referring to the “significant reduction in the housing crisis,” the minister indicated that “it is now necessary to rehabilitate the old urban tissues and search for quality in the field of urban production as part of sustainable development.”

Mr. Belaribi also stressed that his sector “will ensure a close and accurate follow up of the largest projects, the most important of which is the sports complex in Oran, which will host the Mediterranean Games.”

Meanwhile, the minister underlined that “the Algerian state attaches special importance to preserving cultural and religious heritage and identity, as it strives to motivate architects and all actors in the field of reconstruction to use architectural and engineering elements in the designs of each region.

He also indicated, in another context, that the housing sector “has reached the point of consolidating social gains in accordance with the President’s program.”

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