Belaribi: The pace of completion of housing programs will improve thanks to self-sufficiency in building materials


The Minister of Housing, Urbanization and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, affirmed today, Sunday in Algiers, that the deadlines for the completion of the new housing programs will be reduced compared to the previous programs, thanks to Algeria’s self-sufficiency in building materials.

Mr. Bellaribi said in a press conference organized on the sidelines of the opening of the 23rd International Fair of Building, Building Materials and Public Works “Batimatic.” that “Algeria has been able to achieve self-sufficiency in building materials, which allows the completion at a faster pace of the housing programs scheduled for 2022,”

He stressed, in this context, that the Algerian building materials companies have managed to develop their capabilities, as they are currently producing a variety of high-quality models, which allows the completion of housing projects “with good quality and in less time”. Adding that thanks to these companies, constructions are made with “100 percent” Algerian-made materials.

Some of these companies export their surplus production, especially with regard to cement, ceramics and iron, confirms Mr. Belaribi, who referred to the facilitation measures approved by the state for the benefit of those dealers who seek to impose their presence in the African and European markets.

With regard to the 23rd edition of the “Batimatic” exhibition, the minister considered that the return of this economic event after the absence imposed by the Corona pandemic constitutes another opportunity for national companies to introduce what Algeria produces and to discuss the possibilities of partnership with foreign institutions.

Mr. Belaribi supervised the official kickoff of the exhibition, accompanied by Minister of Industry Ahmed Zeghdar, Minister of Trade Kamel Rezzig, Minister of Public Works Kamel Nasseri, Minister of Water Resources and Water Security Karim Hosni, as well as Minister Delegate in charge of the knowledge economy and startups Yacine Mahdi Walid.


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