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Belhimer: options of renewing and strengthening Arab communication are a challenge that imposes itself on Arab media

Minister of Communication Ammar Belhimer stressed, today, Tuesday in Tunis, that the two options of renewing and strengthening Arab communication amid freedom and dialogue are now imposing themselves on the Arab media, as a challenge that must be overcome to ensure continuity.

In his speech during the 21st session of the Arab Radio and Television Festival, which will run for four days, Belhimer stressed that “the option of renewal imposes itself on the Arab media in order for media institutions to ensure their continuity.”

He pointed out that despite the success of some Arab media in competing through their various media outlets, “this progress remains incomplete in the face of cyberspace challenges, in which investment requires huge capabilities and strategic programs on a regional scale.”

Belhimer said that the media is called upon, in view of the noble tasks entrusted to it, to “promote Arab communication amid freedom and dialogue, and to engage in the renewal of media discourse in the digital age,” in an effort aimed at “ensuring continuity, especially with social media gaining attention and audience.” and “keeping up with the digital age and benefit from its characteristics and advantages.”

In this context, he believes that “developing content and achieving credibility and quality remains the media’s weapon to maintain its position and face up to the challenges of digitization.”

Emphasizing the degree of influence of the media discourse, Belhimer inferred its results, which are reflected in the behavior of the Arab recipient and his reactions to his national issues and those raised, more generally, in the whole world, “especially with regard to addressing the promoters of hatred, crime and terrorism.”

Belhimer stresses that “the reality of the Arab digital media pushes us to take serious steps, in order to create Arab alternatives,” adding that “in the time of the tremendous development of the digital technology revolution, and in light of the current media challenges and the amazing development of communication and social networks (…) Arab traditional media, which is experiencing an unprecedented existential crisis, must overcome the challenge by renewing its engagement with the media.”

It’s worth recalling that the twenty-first session of the Arab Radio and Television Festival coincides this year with the 40th anniversary of the creation of this prestigious Arab media event, which is held this time under the slogan “communication and renewal”.

It also coincides with the holding of the first session of the “Arab Media Conference”, which brings together the most prominent actors in the media sector with all its written, audio, television, and electronic components, and examines the most prominent issues and challenges experienced and faced up by the Arab media.

It should also be noted that the session was marked by a tribute paid to the soul of the late Algerian artist, Rabah Driassa, who passed away recently.

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