Belhouchat: The insurance sector has important potential that can be used to serve national economy

The CEO of the “Cash Insurance” company, Widad Belhouchat, affirmed that the insurance sector has “important potential” that can be used to serve national economy.

In her speech during the international conference organized under the slogan “Trends and Prospects of the International Market for Insurance and Reinsurance,” held at the Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Center, the official indicated that “the new global economic situation, climate changes and pandemics, as well as inflation, are challenges that economic companies are confronted with, and the insurance sector can support them in order to better protect their properties.

In this regard, she highlighted the importance of sensitizing the insured about the possibility of benefiting from “appropriate insurance coverage” that allows companies to face up to disasters according to the level of the disaster and to resume their activities at the same level they reached before the disaster.

Mrs. Belhouchat also stressed the role of awareness and communication about insurance and the various products proposed for economic operators that respond to “local and international market conditions.”

The international conference included presentations made by a number of experts who work in international companies about the changes that the insurance markets are experiencing in order to accompany the institutions in the best way.

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