Belmahdi oversees launch of Holy Quran recitation competition

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Youcef Belmahdi, supervised on Monday at Dar El-Imam (El Mohammadia, Algiers) the launching of the national competition of recitation of the Holy Quran which will witness the participation of 30 students.

In a speech, Mr Belmehdi said that this year’s competition is taking place under normal conditions, marked by the lifting of anti-Covid-19 measures, which have allowed students over 25 years of age to participate in other national and international competitions.

He also said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs is about to “open a competition for the category of illiterates (men/women)”, highlighting the high attendance on the recitation of the Holy Quran.

He also pointed out that “a nation united by the Holy Qur’an cannot be destabilised by anyone”, adding that Algeria has become “a school for teaching the Qur’an to different generations”.

Speaking about peace, Belmehdi said that Algeria “has shown the world that it is a country of peace that has taught benevolence to peoples and brought together parties in conflict”, all the more so as “its experience has inspired liberation movements and the struggle against colonialism, which has made it the Mecca of revolutionaries throughout the world”, he said.

The minister also stressed the role of the mosque in the education and training of men during the National Liberation War, providing the Liberation Army with faithful men who waved the banner of science and reform from the houses of God, and this is the message that must be passed on to the generations through awareness, education and teaching, in order to preserve the unity of the people and confront Algeria’s enemies.

This edition, in which 30 students are participating, will award the first three winners (male/female) during a ceremony to be held on 27 Ramadan at the Grand Mosque of Algiers.

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