Belmahdi: Pole Mosque in Tindouf is a support for religious system of reference in the region and an openness to Africa

Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youcef Belmehdi, affirmed today, Monday that the Pole Mosque in the povince of Tindouf constitutes a support for the religious reference system in the region and a gateway to openness to Africa.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of a two-day working visit and inspection of the province of Tindouf, Belmehdi explained that this monument, which bears the name Youcef Ben Tachfine, is considered a scientific, cultural and religious edifice, whose structures need to be equipped to allow the residents of the region and the people of the province to benefit from the Quranic school as well as the intellectual cultural amphitheater to host forums and study days.

The minister pointed out that this Islamic edifice “will inevitably contribute to the promotion of the historical and scientific status of this region as a metropolis of science and a meeting place for students and elders, and enhances the role that Algeria plays in its civilizational radiation, similar to the Great Mosque of Algiers, which will radiate to the region and Africa and even Europe.

The pole Mosque, which includes various scientific structures with a design inspired by the Maghreb-Andalusian architecture that formed a historical cross-pollination between North Africa and Andalusia, a prayer hall that can accommodate 4,200 worshipers and an honorary hall, another for meetings of the Scientific Council, the courtyard of the mosque and a sink for men and women, in addition to the school wing and a hall For teaching, others for lectures, a library, a reading space, administrative offices and a student club, according to the technical card of this facility, for which a total financial envelope of more than 410 million dinars was monitored.

When inspecting the ancient mosque, which bears the name of the great companion “Abderrahmane Ben Sakhr”, which was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, Mr. Youcef Belmahdi highlighted that this ancient landmark “is considered a center of scientific radiation and a witness to the nobility of the region, as it was expressed by great scholars and historians who put Their imprint on Islamic culture and the history of Islamic jurisprudence.”

The ministerial delegation, accompanied by the local authorities, was briefed on the restoration works of some of the wings of this landmark, where the Minister recommended that the works should be completed “in order to make it a real beacon in the southwest and play an active role in religious education, and a bridge through which it radiates to West Africa in particular, with the opening of the Algerian-Mauritanian border crossing “Mustapha Ben Boulaïd”.

The Minister had concluded his first day of this visit by laying the foundation stone for the project to construct a new mosque in the Karama neighborhood of Tindouf city, with a capacity of 700 worshipers, and allocated for its completion a total area of ​​5727 square meters, comprising two individual residences and an ablution hall.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youcef Belmehdi, is expected to supervise the inauguration of a study day entitled “Religious Discourse and its Role in Consecrating National Unity” at the House of Culture Abdelhamid Mehri, before giving the signal for the start of a warm winter convoy towards shadow areas.

The Minister’s program will also include the inauguration of a training course for members of the religious affairs and endowments sector of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic within the framework of the agreement concluded with his ministerial department.

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