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Benabderrahmane calls on civil society to “support” the state in monitoring the development program of the province of Khenchela

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane, called on Sunday, from Khenchela, on civil society actors to “support the state’s services in monitoring the extent to which the complementary development program is implemented in this wilaya.

During his meeting at the province’s headquarters with civil society actors in presence of the Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Development, Kamel Beldjoud, Mr. Benabderrahmaneindicated that “the visit of the government staff to this province will not be the last but will be followed by field visits to be paid by ministers” in order to follow up on the implementation of the development program on the ground.

The premier added that through these visits, the government aims to “eradicate the problems that the citizens of this province suffer from in order to give hope to its residents, especially the youth, in order to move towards a bright futurewith the contribution of all.”

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance reiterated his promise to work with governmentmembers to promote local development in the province of Khenchela through a complementary program related to several vital sectors, whose implementation requires more than 113 billion dinars.

Mr. Benabderrahmanebelieves that promoting development at the level of the wilaya of Khenchela requires launching projects to build roads, support farmers and end their isolation, in addition to providing jobs for the youth.

Earlier, the Minister listened to a number of concerns raised by representatives of civil society actors, represented in the inclusion of a number of projects and measures within the complementary development program.

At the end of this meeting, representatives of civil society and revolutionary family activities in the province of Khenchela handed over a certificate of appreciation and gratitude to the President of the Republic, Mr. AbdelmadjidTebboune, which was received on his behalf by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane.

The headquarters of the province of Khenchela hosted on Sunday morning the government meetingheaded by Mr. Benabderrahmane, which devoted its agenda to the complementarydevelopmentprogram forthis province.

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