Benziane: The university should open up more to its economic environment

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benziane, affirmed, today, Monday in Bouira, that the Algerian University “is called-upon to be more open to the country’s economic environment, to be able to generate wealth and responds to the needs of local and national development.”

During a press conference on the sidelines of a working visit that led him to the province of Bouira, where he inaugurated several structures affiliated with his sector, the minister stressed the role that the university must play in order to meet the needs of the economy and development in Algeria.

Mr. Benziane, who supervised the inauguration of an incubator for startups in the province, added that “the student must be a generator of wealth, while the university must open up more to its economic environment.”

The Minister also inaugurated another incubator for startups at Akli Mohand Oulhadj University, dedicated to innovative students in order to help and support them in completing their projects.

In order to help the university play this pivotal role, the minister affirmed that his ministry had signed several partnership agreements with various sectors, in order to “strengthen” the ties between the university and the economic institution, which would allow – as he said – “to give the university an added value by creating branches.”

He also stressed, during a meeting with the university members, his commitment to take care of all the sector’s concerns in order to “work together” to improve the quality of education, training and scientific research.

In his speech, the Minister urged the university to participate in the Ministry’s vision to “develop a complementary and homogeneous reform strategy aimed at advancing the dynamic in the field of research, training and innovation.”

On the occasion of his visit to the Institute of Languages, Benziane expressed his satisfaction with such structures for teaching languages, which are “the key to success for students and the university.”

The Minister also stressed the need for the Algerian University to open up more to the outside and international world by improving its classification nationally and internationally.

On this occasion, some projects were presented to the minister, including the project of achieving 2000 pedagogical seats at the university pole level in Bouira.

The Minister also attended a presentation on the project of completing 15 scientific research laboratories.

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