Biskra : Dismantling of a network of copper cable thefts

The services of the National Gendarmerie in the province of Biskra have dismantled a network of criminals specialising in the theft of copper electrical cables, said on Saturday from the territorial group of this security body.

“This operation was carried out following information received by the territorial group of the national gendarmerie of Biskra reporting the stealing by a group of individuals of copper electric cables from public lighting poles,” the same source said.

After putting the suspects under surveillance, three of them were arrested in flagrante delicto for stealing cables,” the same source added, underlining that “the investigations led to the arrest of the owner of a vehicle suspected of being involved in the case”.

In addition to the arrest of the accused, “a quintal of copper cables, a utility vehicle, a motorbike and tools used to cut the cables were seized”, the source said. A criminal case is currently being drafted pending the presentation of the defendants before the judicial authorities, the same source said.

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