Blida: Debt of Sonelgaz’s customers increased by 270 percent in the last two years

The Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution in the province of Blida has recorded, during the last two years, an increase in the value of the debts owed by its customers who failed to pay their bills by 270 percent, according to the information cell of this public institution.

The same source explained that the value of debts of Sonelgaz’s customers was estimated at 1455 million DZD at the end of 2019, rising to 3610 million DA in 2020 and reaching 3933 million DA at the end of March 2021.

The source added that 50 percent of the customers of this public institution did not pay their bills, which negatively affected its financial balance and prevented the implementation of the established programs included in the plan for the promotion and development of the electric and gas network in the province.

According to same source, out of 318,955 customers, 158,000 failed to pay their bills, and the largest proportion of the value of these debts concerns ordinary customers, administrations and municipalities, and then economic institutions.

In order to face up to the situation, the company decided on a set of facilitating measures aimed at collecting these debts and thus financing several projects that will contribute to improving the supply of electric and gas energy in the province.

Those measures include the possibility of payment in installments according to a calendar determined by the institution, as well as the possibility of payment from any commercial agency at the national level or post office, in addition to the possibility of payment through electronic payment terminals available across all agencies.

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