Blida province governor authorizes return of buttermilk and sour milk activity under conditions

Blida province governor Kamel Nouicer has authorized the resumption of the preparation of unpasteurized buttermilk and sour milk under conditions related mainly to the respect of hygiene standards and sterilization rules, in order to avoid food poisoning as recorded in the province last month, the local trade Director, El Hadi Bouzakar, said on Monday.

Mr. El Hadi Bouzakar explained to Algeria News Agency that the governor of the province authorized the creameries and retailers of milk and milk-derived products to prepare and sell unpasteurized buttermilk and sour milk, following yesterday meeting with representatives of the activity, where they were required to respect the rules of hygiene, security and conformity of the product and its heat treatment, underlining the prohibition of selling unknown source milk.

The Director indicated to the creameries owners the need to avoid the preparation and placement of milk in large plastic buckets, in addition to their obligation to carry out the necessary analysis to determine whether or not their products meet standards.

In summer 2016, the province of Blida also experienced a food poisoning incident similar to that of the previous month as a result of the consumption of spoiled buttermilk.

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