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Boughali: Current legislative term marks the beginning of a phase in which Algeria that the Algerians wanted will be established

Speaker of the People’s National Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, stressed, yesterday, Thursday, that the current legislative mandate has a specificity that requires rolling up our sleeves, because it is the beginning of a phase that establishes the new Algeria that Algerian people wanted and President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, is committed to.

He added that with the inauguration of People’s National Assembly, “here we are adding another episode in the path of restoring the word to people in choosing their representatives after transparent and fair presidential elections and after the referendum on the constitution,” noting that “legislative authority is regaining its position today through voters’ trust in us to fulfill their hope of deepening democracy” and push forward on the path of comprehensive development.

In the same context, the Speaker pledged to “always ensure coordination between various parliamentary groups, as well as with the government, in order to apply the program that people praised and the President pledged to implement.”

He also committed himself to accompanying President of the Republic as a legislative authority in achieving the goals outlined in his program, congratulating the government staff on the occasion, headed by the Prime Minister, Aïmene Benabderrahmen, who gained the trust of the President of the Republic.

The Speaker of People’s National Assembly seized the opportunity to express gratitude and thanks to “the national army and all security forces that protect the homeland and defend it and preserve its security and stability”.

He also praised the efforts of all workers in the vital sectors who are keen to serve citizens in these conditions that the country is going through, similar to various countries of the world in light of Covid-19 pandemic.

In a related context, he also praised the tremendous efforts made by Civil Protection and the army in the province of Khenchela following the outbreak of fires that targeted forests, praising also the “solidarity of citizens, which is  evidence of their keenness, on the security and wealth of their country.”

As a reminder, a public session will be held next Saturday, which will be devoted to ratifying the list of vice-chairpersons of the National People’s Assembly.

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