Boughali presides over a meeting of the National People’s Assembly Bureau

The President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Brahim Boughali, chaired today, Wednesday, a meeting of the Assembly’s bureau, during which oral and written questions were studied and nine proposals for laws were considered, according to a statement issued by the same body.

The office also considered, after that, a request submitted by the Economic Affairs, Development, Industry, Trade and Planning Committee to organize a study day on the topic of “Entrepreneurship and Youth”, and another request submitted by the Parliamentary Group of the Peace Society Movement to organize a parliamentary day.

After that, – the source adds – the office considered nine law proposals, some of which it studied and others postponed to a later meeting. It also studied two draft general instructions, the first related to organizing temporary information missions, and the other related to submitting law proposals and amending projects.

Finally, the office studied a request for a license to carry out a voluntary humanitarian activity, in addition to a visit by a delegation from the Algerian Academy of Science and Technology to the headquarters of the council, as indicated in the statement of the National People’s Assembly.

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