Boukadoum: Algeria will continue to endeavor for total eradication of weapons of mass destruction

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum, affirmed today, Monday,  that Algeria will continue to endeavor, through all necessary mechanisms, for the total eradication of weapons of mass destruction.

During his participation in a meeting, held via videoconference, and devoted to the 25th anniversary of the “Pelindaba Treaty “, which aims to create a nuclear-weapon-free zone in Africa, Mr. Boukadoum called for extending this experience to other regions of the world, especially in the Middle East.

The Algerian Diplomacy Chief stated that “the Pelindaba Treaty has been ratified by the majority of African countries, which reflects their commitment in this international effort aimed at combating nuclear weapons,” noting that “Algeria is among the first countries to sign this treaty as it contributed to the installation of the African Atomic Energy Commission.

Mr. Boukadoum stressed the importance of putting an end to the spread of nuclear weapons, pointing out that Algeria “has suffered from the nuclear tests carried out by the colonizer on its soil.

These tests killed and caused harm to thousands of Algerians, in addition to their effects on the environment. Compensation issues should be addressed in a more serious manner. ”

Evoking the treaty on the prevention of nuclear weapons, which was signed by more than 51 countries and entered into force last January, the minister emphasized that the matter relates to a tool that would provide answers about the effects of the use of nuclear weapons, and also constitutes an “important step towards creating nuclear weapons free zones.

Mr. Boukadoum also underlined the necessity of “pooling efforts to put an end to nuclear testing as a first step towards preventing the spread of nuclear weapons in general.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Boukadoum invited all African Union member countries to participate in the tenth symposium to discuss the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, slated for next July in New York.

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