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Boukadoum calls on African Security Council to pool efforts with United Nations to assist Libyan government of national unity

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sabri Boukadoum, called today, Tuesday, on the member states of the African Peace and Security Council, to pool efforts with the United Nations to assist the Libyan National Unity Government in achieving the main priorities of its action plan, including holding comprehensive elections on December 24th.

In his opening speech to the Peace and Security Council meeting of the African Union, on the situation in Libya, chaired by Algeria, Mr. Boukadoum said, “We need to pool efforts with the United Nations, to better assist the Libyan Government of National Unity in achieving the main priorities of its action plan.”

In this regard, Boukadoum called on the African Peace and Security Council to contribute to the consolidation of the gains achieved, saying: “in its capacity as the permanent decision-making body in the African Union to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts, our council is called upon to contribute to the efforts made, which aim to consolidate the gains and maintain the positive momentum.” .

Mr. Boukadoum enumerated the various areas for which it was necessary to unite efforts, at the political, security, social and economic levels, saying: “On the political level: Since holding comprehensive elections on December 24th remains the main focus, the African Union must align its efforts with this joint goal, and to provide its contribution, to ensure the success of this process, as well as national reconciliation and reunification of Libyan institutions.

The Algerian diplomacy chief evoked the security level, stressing that “the full implementation of the permanent ceasefire agreement, signed on October 23, 2020, including the withdrawal of foreign fighters and mercenaries, and the enforcement of the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council, in addition to the effective deployment of the force and mechanism led by Libya to monitor the ceasefire, is of utmost importance if want to preserve Libya’s sovereignty, unity  and territorial integrity. ”

About 20 thousand foreign fighters and mercenaries are still present in Libya, according to the United Nations, which confirmed that there has been no sign of their withdrawal from the country, despite the recommendations of the Berlin conference in January 2020, which called for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.

On the social and economic level, the minister emphasized that “without restoring economic balance, meeting basic needs and addressing the humanitarian situation, the sustainability of peace cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the Libyan government deserves more support in its efforts to improve the daily lives of Libyans, address the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and protect refugees and migrants. ”

Mr. Boukadoum also underlined that, “Since the last meeting of the African Peace and Security Council on the situation in Libya, held in November 2020, great progress has been made towards restoring peace and stability in the country.”

The Foreign Minister added that as part of the diplomatic boom that was achieved in overcoming the crisis, the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, under the auspices of the United Nations, granted Libya the first unity government, since August 2014, noting that last March, the House of Representatives approved the Interim Government of National Unity, whose mandate is expected to expire in the elections slated for December 24, 2021.

He also recalled the United Nations Security Council’s agreement, on April 16, through Resolution 2570, to provide the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) with a ceasefire monitoring component that will be deployed to support the ceasefire monitoring mechanism led and supervised by the Libyans.

He added that “more efforts are needed to comprehensively address the military, political and economic tensions that fueled the crisis in Libya,” saying that “the situation requires the constant attention of the international community.”

Mr. Boukadoum seized the opportunity of the meeting to commend the constructive participation of all Libyan parties in the process of full implementation of the permanent ceasefire agreement, saying, “I take this opportunity to commend all Libyan parties for their constructive participation in this process, and for their determination to restore unity and peace in their country, after years of conflict and foreign interference ”.

The Algerian diplomacy chief underlined that, “Despite these encouraging developments, there are many challenges that still exist resulting from a decade of instability, which has caused deep and severe internal wounds.”

Mr. Boukadoum concluded by saying “I hope that our proceedings today will enable the identification of effective and concrete measures to support the Libyan people to achieve peace, reconciliation and development.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs chaired this ministerial meeting devoted to Libya with the participation of several ministers from the member states of the Council, in addition to the rotating presidency of the African Union and the chairing of the high-level committee of the Union on Libya, as well as the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Libya, Mr. Jan Kubis.

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