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Brahim Ghali: Sahrawi people are moving forward with determination in their just struggle to recover their sovereignty

The President of the Sahrawi Arab Republic, Brahim Ghali, said that the Moroccan occupation state “has intensified and diversified its repressive methods against Sahrawi civilians since the resumption of the armed struggle,” stressing that the Sahrawi people “are moving forward with determination in their just struggle to recover the sovereignty of their independent state over all of its national soil.” .

This came in a congratulatory message from President Brahim Ghali to the Sahrawi political detainees in Moroccan prisons from the Gdeim Izik group and to all the Sahrawi prisoners, and to the brave militant Sultana Khia on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr.

The Sahrawi president highlighted in his message that the Sahrawi people are celebrating Eid al-Fitr at this distinguished stage, especially after the resumption of armed struggle since November 13, 2020, and the Moroccan occupation state “has not hesitated to intensify and diversify its brutal repressive methods against defenseless civilians.”

The continuous suffering of Sultana Khaya and her family – Brahim Ghali adds – “is the biggest evidence of this aggressive trend that aims to impose a fait accompli, break the will of the Sahrawis, silence the voices and create a state of terror and intimidation to bring them to relinquish their positions and convictions.”

He went on to say, “But the decisive heroic response from Sultana Khaya and her family, and all the militants of the occupied land, despite the ugliest and most despicable methods of the Makhzen, the house of the family of Sayed Ibrahim Khaya turned from a permanent target of oppression, siege and restriction into a beacon of Sahrawi struggle, over which national flags flutter day and night”.

Mr. Ghali also highlighted the Gdeim Izik event “which is an example of the heroism and challenge presented by the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories and southern Morocco,”

In this context, he pointed to the suffering of the families of the Sahrawi prisoners, saying, “They suffer greatly as a result of the separation of their sons and the unjust sentences against them and their transfer to detention centers far from their families.”

The Sahrawi president stressed, on the occasion, that “through a comprehensive and continuous struggle, the Sahrawi people, who commemorate this blessed occasion in the conditions of war and displacement, have left to the world a definitive and irreversible message,” reiterating his affirmation that the Sahrawi people are moving forward “with determination in their just struggle and resistance until the recovery of the sovereignty of their independent state.

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