Bread wastage during the month of Ramadhan: 8 million baguettes thrown in dustbins, some 88 million dinars

National Waste Agency counted 8 million bread wasted during the month of Ramadan.

More than 8 million bread baguettes were wasted during the month of Ramadhan throughout the country, the equivalent of 88 million dinars,” according to Sabrine Bekkar, a manager at the National Waste Agency (AND).

Speaking at “This Morning” national television show this Saturday, Ms Bekkar said that “a heavy toll of considerable quantities of wasted bread has been recorded during the month of Ramadhan, adding that “During the month of Ramadhan, 8 million breads were thrown away, with a value of 88 million dinars”, adding that “these losses due to the waste of bread made with imported wheat in foreign currency are a serious loss for the national economy”.

The National Waste Agency study shows that the increase in waste during Ramadhan is estimated at 10%, includes food waste and single-use plastics.

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