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Cabinet meeting: Creation of a national reference center for autism and a national higher school to train teachers specializing in this field

The cabinet listened today, during a meeting held at the Government Palace here in Algiers and headed by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, to a presentation by the Minister of National Education on the results of the working team entrusted with studying the autism file, according to a statement of the Prime Minister’s office.

The statement said that “according to the instructions of the President of the Republic, given during the Council of Ministers held on April 18, a joint ministerial working group was set-up under the chairmanship of the Minister of National Education, to develop a national strategy to take care of autism”.

The statement adds that “On this occasion, a preliminary progress report was presented including the current situation of autism in Algeria, as well as the main elements for preparing a national strategy to take care of it”.

Following the presentation, the Prime Minister recalled that the handling of this file that concerns several sectors must be carried out in full coordination in order to implement, in the best possible time, the following measures:

  1. Preparing and amending the regulatory texts that govern autism at the level of all concerned sectors, in consultation with experts and the scientific and civil community active in this field.
  2. Establishing a national reference center for autism, in partnership with foreign centers specialized and experienced in this field.
  3. Establishing a national higher school to train teachers specializing in autism.
  4. Establishing a national communication plan and devoting a national awareness day for autism disorders.
  5. Encouraging scientific research in the field of autism, in partnership with specialized international institutions.

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