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“CACOBATPH” Fund launches 4 digital services for the benefit of its affiliates without making them travel

The National Fund for paid holidays and unemployment resulting from bad weather conditions for construction, public works and hydraulic sectors has introduced new digital services that improve public service to get closer to the citizens without making them travel, according to a statement issued today, Saturday by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

Among the services that were launched on the occasion of the information day organized by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, under the slogan of “Digitization to Fight Bureaucracy”, the remote affiliation service is a new service launched by the Fund in order to facilitate operations with its employees, as it is now possible for those wishing to set-up a company in the sectors of construction,  public works and hydraulic to send their affiliation files remotely  and without travelling,  through the portal “your statements.

As for the second service relating to the annual declaration of wages and employees, for the first time, and in order to pay the dues of the workers in the construction, public works and hydraulic sectors as soon as possible, a service was launched to compare the information sent by the employer in the annual declaration of wages and employees with the fund’s database to verify the information sent, before the official launch of the annual campaign for wages and employees coinciding with the first of July of each year, and the work space service available through “your statements” portal enables the employee to monitor the management of his current annual vacation and even that related to the two campaigns “S-2”, starting from the annual declaration of wages and employees sent by his employers until the payment of his wages, and view his salary statement.

The CACOBATP Fund has also digitized the register of complaints and suggestions, whereby the affiliates of the Fund can lodge complaints and put forth suggestions and express their opinion through the interactive stations available at the regional agencies using the application of  “your inquiries”, as this service aims to communicate and listen to complaints and suggestions submitted by the citizens, to monitor the complaints and suggestions in a digital and centralized way, and reduce written complaints digitalize them.

Among these digital services also are: the facial recognition service for retirees, the individual account platform for wage activity, the remote maternity leave compensation service, as well as the electronic retirement account service at the National Social Security Fund for non-wage earners.

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