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Car manufacturing: Six brands have applied for investment in Algeria

Six car manufacturers have submitted requests to the Ministry of Industry to invest in Algeria, a ministry official revealed Wednesday.

In a press interview with a private television channel, the Director-General of Industrial Competitiveness at the ministry Ministry of Industry, Abdelaziz Qand, said that “six manufacturers wishing to invest in Algeria were received, and all the necessary explanations and clarification on what we aspire to in terms of building a strong national industry, were given to them.”

He added, in this regard, that Algeria welcomes investors in this field, provided that they hold a creative project that creates jobs, and which is based on the “win-win” principle.

This was confirmed with all diplomatic representations that contacted the ministry to learn about Algeria’s policy in this field.

The director of the ministry refused to reveal the identities of the manufacturers, but he stressed that the investment in the local manufacturing of cars will not be restricted to any nationality or category, and that what matters is respect for Algeria’s interest and the interests of consumers.

In the same context, he pointed out that the specialized committee for handling investment requests in the automobile industry has not yet met to examine the files of these manufacturers.

Regarding the import of cars, Mr. Qand revealed that the joint ministerial technical committee in charge of studying and following-up files related to the practice of new vehicle dealership activity, rejected 19 files out of 27 files it studied.

He stated, “The joint ministerial technical committee in charge of studying and following-up files related to the practice of the activity of new vehicle dealers has held 30 meetings so far, as it has studied 27 files and issued opinions of disapproval regarding 19 files for not meeting the requirements,” noting that the owners of the rejected files can lodge appeals with the relevant committee .

Regarding the import of secondhand cars of less than three years, the director mentioned that the law clearly allows this, but the implementation of the procedure requires the issuance of a regulatory text, which is being prepared.

With regard to the possibility of starting to import this type of cars during 2022, Mr. Qand replied, “Maybe before that, we should be optimistic.”

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