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Cars sector: new strategy includes manufacturing electric and hybrid vehicles

Minister of industry Ahmed Zaghdar confirmed that the new strategy of the cars division in Algeria includes the manufacture of electric and hybrid vehicles, in line with the country’s goals in the field of energy transformation.

“The new strategy for the vehicle industry will also adopt the manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles, as it represents the future of vehicles in the medium and long term to keep pace with the energy transition and this technology, like many countries”Mr. zaghdar explained in an interview with APS.

“Investing in everything related to clean and Renewable Energies is one of our concerns” he said.

This was in response to a question about ongoing talks with several international companies to study potential car manufacturing projects in Algeria.

In this context, the minister stressed that “consultations were held with several international manufacturers of vehicles interested in establishing local factories, as well as other meetings are expected to continue the work of developing a regulatory framework for this activity by selecting the best offers to serve the interests of our economy and the interests of the investors, in a transparent and impartial manner”.

The Ministry of industry has been studying ”several scenarios to revive this industry and avoid previous mistakes that drained huge amounts of foreign currency without excepted outcomes”.

In this regard, he stressed that “the resumption of the import of vehicles, which is one of the most foreign currency depleting good and must be accompanied by the revival of a real mechanical industry whose products are destined for the national market in its early years, to move to export when achieving international competitiveness”.

On the import of new vehicles, the minister pointed out that the book of conditions has been reviewed “in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic” by including some amendments aimed at granting more facilitations.

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