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CEO of Sonatrach calls for rationalization of expenditures and focus on the need to reduce production costs

The Chairman and CEO of Sonatrach, Toufik Hekkar, paid a working and inspection visit to several industrial projects of Hassi Messaoud Regional Directorate and the Regional Directorate of El-Hamra Basin, calling for the necessity of caring for and maintaining the production units and rationalizing expenditures, according to a press release of the group.

The press release added that the first station was in the Naili Abdulhalim industrial complex, where the chairman and CEO of Sonatrach group, inspected the progress of works at the pumping and gas injection station for the northern region, and then moved to the site of the completion of the fourth unit for the production of liquefied petroleum gas and condensate gases to see the progress of the project that will allow in the future, the processing of saturated gases with liquids coming from the fields surrounding Hassi Messaoud.

Toufik Hekkar also inspected the gas separation and pressure compound for Northern Hassi Messaoud, whose completion work has ended and is in the experiments stage to become operational, and the regional directorate of Al Hamra basin of the transportation activity, where he closely examined the conduct of the directorate and listened to the preoccupations of workers and executives of the directorate.

Incidentally, Toufik Hekkar reminded of the importance of the human element to the success of the enterprise’s strategy and emphasized the need to take care of and maintain the production units at the level of the enterprise’s activities and to rely on rationalizing expenditures and focusing on the need to reduce production costs.

Accordingly, he called on “Sonatrach” managers to modernize management patterns to keep pace with the challenges of the global energy market.

The last stage of the visit of the CEO of “Sonatrach” was the pumping station of OB1, where the delegation was able to see the working conditions of engineers and technicians in the operations hall.

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