Chanegriha confirms keenness of army high command to upgrade and modernize components of the armed forces

Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), highlighted on Monday the importance of modernizing the Armed Forces, particularly in the field of communications, Information Systems and Electronic Warfare, says a statement from the Department of National Defense (MDN).

The Lieutenant General who paid a working and inspection visit to the Central Establishment for the renovation of transmission equipment in El-Harrach (1st Military Region), delivered an orientation speech to the address executives and personnel of this Establishment, broadcast via videoconference to all the military Regions, through which he highlighted “the importance of the High Command in the promotion and modernization of the Armed Forces, particularly in the field of Transmissions, Information Systems and Electronic Warfare”, stressing that this is an area “placed at the center of the interest of the High Command, with a view to achieving the set objectives”.

“On this occasion, I would like to emphasize that the optimization of the combat capabilities of the ANP constitutes a permanent center of interest for the High Command which works tirelessly, in accordance with the guidelines of the President of the Republic, Chief Supreme Minister of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, to modernize all the components of our Armed Forces and to promote their professionalism, particularly in this sensitive area, namely that of Communications, Information Systems and Electronic Warfare , while mastering modern technologies, in order to complete the construction of a solid industrial base, in terms of taking charge of all types of means of communication by raising them to the expected levels”, underlined General of the Army in his speech.

Upstream, the Lieutenant General had followed a presentation given by the Commander of this Establishment, relating to his sensitive and vital missions, before proceeding to the inspection of the various assembly lines, like the chain assembly line for radio equipment, the assembly line for fiber optic stations, intercom systems, the assembly line for microwave links and field switches, the assembly line for computer equipment, the mechanical integration line, as well as the Research-Development core.

“In situ, the General of the Army followed with interest the exhaustive explanations given by the executives and managers of the workshops on the stages of assembly of the different types of transmission equipment”, notes the press release from the MDN.

The Lieutenant General also took this opportunity to “urge the managers, executives and employees of this establishment to redouble their efforts to promote the Armed Forces Signals to the required level and to ensure the permanent monitoring of performance and the effectiveness of the means of communication produced by this establishment, at the level of the operational units, in order to make the necessary improvements, adapted to the challenges which require the optimal use of these materials within the Battle Corps”.

It should be noted that this Establishment supports the assembly of various new generation transmission devices and high precision technologies, and meets all the needs of the People’s National Army in terms of this sensitive equipment, in order to modernize the Armed Forces Communications Division and being in tune with the rapid changes brought about by the ever-increasing needs in terms of high and very high speeds.

These production lines are managed by developed automated digital systems, and supervised by officers, engineers and technicians, who have benefited from high-level specialized training.

This visit, during which the Lieutenant General was accompanied by the Commander of the 1st RM, the head of the Department of Communications, Information Systems and Electronic Warfare, and in the presence of the Force Commanders and the National Gendarmerie, Heads of Departments, Central Directors of the MDN and the General Staff of the ANP, is part of the monitoring, by the High Command of the ANP, of the performance of the military support establishments, in particular those specialized in the maintenance and renovation of Transmission Equipment, as well as the assembly of different types of communication devices and accessories, making it possible to reduce foreign dependence in this sensitive area and to reduce their foreign exchange costs, the press release concludes.

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