Chanegriha pays an inspection and working visit to the High School of Transmissions in Koléa

General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), paid Wednesday an inspection and working visit to the Higher School of Transmissions, in Kolea, in the 1st Military Region, where he visited its infrastructure and facilities and chaired a meeting with officials and trainees, said a statement from the Ministry of National Defence (MDN).

“After the welcoming ceremony, the Army General, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defence, the Commander of the 1st Military Region, the Head of the Department of Transmissions and Command-Control Systems, as well as heads of departments and general officers of the Ministry of National Defence and the ANP General Staff, received a briefing on the pedagogical and infrastructural aspects of this prestigious training institution, presented by the school’s commander,” the statement said.

The Army General then proceeded to “visit the training facilities, including the teaching laboratories and the directorate of information systems and command, before following a presentation on a graduation project presented by career officer students,” the statement added.

During his meeting with the executives, the personnel and the trainees of the High School of Signals, the Army General gave an orientation speech, followed by videoconference by the executives of the Signals Army, at the level of all the military Regions, where he underlined the capital importance given by the High Command of the ANP to the Transmissions Army, that played an essential role in the coordination and the conduct of the operations during the glorious liberation revolution.

“The High Command of the People’s National Army grants a capital importance to the Transmissions Army, with regard to its vital role in peace time as well as in war time,” said the Chief of Staff of the ANP, quoted in the communiqué.

Indeed, he added, “the telecommunications sector was the nerve of the glorious liberation revolution. The will of the men who were in charge of it made of the few means and simple equipment of that time the hearing sense of the fighters, which allowed them to pick up the movements of the enemies through the vast territories of Algeria, to coordinate the actions and to lead the operations successfully”.

“The transmissions, originating from the revolution, have evolved thanks to the first generations of the People’s National Army, which have made tremendous efforts to provide this weapon with human and material potential to enable it to fulfill the sensitive missions assigned to it,” he said.

The Army General underlined the determination of the High Command of the ANP to promote this Arm to the level which corresponds to the accelerated evolutions that the world is experiencing in the field of communications, and this, by gathering all the necessary human, material and management conditions.

“We are now more determined than ever to promote this vital Arm to the level that matches the accelerated developments in our world today in the field of telecommunications,” he said.

He noted, in this context, that “under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, and with his support and guidance, we will work with all our strength so that this mission is completed by professionals, who have state-of-the-art equipment, who are called upon to ensure their maintenance and rational operation, but even more so to master their modern techniques, through the training and qualification of operating personnel”, underlining “the close and interdependent relationship between the training process and the combat readiness process”.

He added that “the level of combat readiness naturally reflects the quality of the instruction and training received”.

“This shows how important it is for the heads of training institutions, in the various levels, to take this aspect into account and to put to good use the experiences of the units in the field, and to ensure, together with the central structures involved, that the necessary improvements are constantly made to the content of the training programmes,” he urged.

At the end of this meeting, “the Army General gave a series of guidelines to the leaders and officers of this sensitive arm of the ANP battle group, emphasizing again the maintenance of the means and equipment and the redoubling of efforts to ensure the accomplishment of the missions assigned in the best conditions,” the statement concluded.

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