Chanegriha visits the main naval base of Mers El-Kebir

Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army (ANP), visited on Monday, on the second day of his visit to the 2nd Military Region, the main naval base of Mers El-Kebir, said a statement of the Ministry of National Defence (MDN).

The Chief of Staff of the ANP was welcomed upon his arrival by General-Major Mahfoud Ben Medah, Commander of the Naval Forces, before following, in the presence of General-Major Djamel Hadj Laaroussi, Commander of the 2nd Military Region and General-Major Hasnat Belkacem, Head of the Employment and Preparation Department/ANP-EM, “A presentation on the general plan and the stages of conducting a tactical drill of the Naval Forces with anti-surface missile firing titled ‘ISSAR 2022’, carried out by units under the Naval Forces including submarines and naval aviation aircraft, as well as land units,” the same source said.

The Lieutenant General then proceeded to “inspect the naval groups that will take part in this operation and to visit some floating units, in order to check the readiness of their various components and the modern equipment and weapon systems in use”.

“On board the command and projection ship Kalâat Beni Abbes, ship number 474, the Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff of the ANP followed the firing of an anti-surface missile from a corvette on a maritime target, before supervising the carrying out of programmed naval actions, including artillery fire,” the statement added.

The involved naval units carried out the exercise with “great professionalism, which was reflected in the perfect cohesion between the different units and the meticulous performance of all the planned stages of the operation, where the surface target was destroyed with high precision and the artillery fire on the sea target was conducted with great performance”, the same source noted.

“This new achievement, which is the fruit of the good mastery, by the crews, of the various arms and equipment, confirms the development and the operational availability reached by the units of the Algerian Naval Forces, since these last years”, underlines the communiqué.


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