Charaf Eddine Amara: “We are targeting excellence in football management.”

President of the Algerian Football Federation, Charaf Eddine Amara, affirmed that his recent visit to the national team is in line with preparation steps for the next encounters.

Amara said in an exclusive statement to Algeria TV: “We are committed since we came to the federation to support the national team, as we will provide all the necessary means for it and for all Algerian teams.”

On the other hand, Mr Amara confirmed that “his recent visit was an inspecting and motivational one, indicating that his meeting with the national footballers and staff was an opportunity to exchange concerns with the aim of improving conditions for preparing the next national team schedules.”

Regarding his strategy for the national teams and the Algerian football, Charaf Eddine Amara stated: “We are working to reach the degree of excellence in management. This will positively affect the national team and all the structures of the FAF and Algerian football.”

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