Charfi: Candidacy forms for partial municipal elections in the provinces of Bejaia and Tizi Ouzou ready and available

The President of the Independent National Electoral Authority, Mohamed Charfi, confirmed today, Monday, that the candidacy forms for the partial elections scheduled for next October 15 in six municipalities of the provinces of Bejaia and Tizi Ouzou are “ready and available” for those wishing to run for this election date.

Charfi said during a press conference he delivered the day after the issuance of a presidential decree calling for partial elections for members of the Municipal Councils in four (4) municipalities in the province of Bejaia and two (2) municipalities in the province of Tizi Ouzou, that the Independent National Electoral Authority “is mobilized to make this event a success and to supervise the electoral process,” stressing that the candidacy forms are “available through the delegates of the authority in the two aforementioned provinces.”

The head of the authority revealed that the electoral campaign for this date will be from September 22 to October 11, provided that the lists of candidates will be submitted before September 25.

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