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Civil Protection of Blida province sends first mobile squad to participate in extinguishing fires in Tipasa

Directorate of Civil Protection of the province of Blida sent the first mobile squad to fight forest fires in the province of Tipasa with the aim of supporting the intervention teams to put out the fires that broke out in Cherchell, according to a press release issued by this agency today, Wednesday.

The first division consists of two fire trucks, three light trucks, and 19 agents of various ranks specialized in extinguishing forest fires, added the same source, which indicated the possibility of sending additional support in case of necessity.

It is worth noting that the province of Tipasa recorded a loss of more than 34 hectares of vegetation cover due to a series of fires that erupted in various regions of the province since last Sunday, with the heaviest toll recorded in the upper city of Cherchell, requiring the participation of important capabilities represented by an air unit of helicopters and a mobile column for each of the provinces of Tipasa and Chlef, as well as about 40 vehicles and fire trucks.

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