Civil Protection: The report of the intervention of civil protection units during the last 24 hours

Civil protection units recorded during the period from 21 to 22 August 2022, 2,648 interventions in different regions of the country, following distress calls from citizens. The interventions included all the activity fields of the civil protection such as traffic accidents, household accidents and Fires among others.

The civil protection units made 179 interventions following several traffic accidents recorded across several provinces of the country and which caused several dead and wounded.

The civil protection services recorded the death of 08 people who drowned at sea, in the provinces of Tipaza, Bejaia and Skikda.

In the field of Firefighting, the civil protection units intervened to put out 13 fires in the provinces of Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou, Chlef, Tlemcen, Algiers, Sidi Bel Abbas, Medea, Bordj Bou Arreridj and Ain Defla.

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